The Cat Who Laughs

RIP Newman - The Story Behind the Name

I have had so many questions regarding the name of my business Laughing Cat Designs Etc. and upon answering them, everyone wants to meet the Cat in question. We decided to dedicate a page to my studio buddy and our namesake that we all miss dearly.
Here is our story:
Newman came to us at 2 years of age. He was not fully grown yet, but already HUGE. At his largest, he weighed in at 28lbs. You can see by his photo in front of my Juki machine... he is pretty much bigger than it. He loved to hold down piles of fluffy fabric for me, even when I would like to use them. He also loved to lay on my quilts, while I was trying to quilt them. I would chuckle and say he was laughing at me for thinking I could get anything done on that quilt he had claimed.
Newman begged to go to the studio. He would stand at the top of the stairs and talk at me (he didn't have a regular 'meow' but more of a chirpy sound) and repeatedly run down the first steps and back up until I would agree and follow him. He would then take up station on my cutting table, fabric shelves or whatever space I was working in, purring and kneading the fabrics.
When the new puppy came to live with us, Newman loved to steal her bed. Can you see the smirk on his face?!
Newman had a helping paw in all my early designs. He made sure to approve of them all while I worked on them.
There will never be another one like Newman - The Laughing Cat