What are your Creative Goals for 2021?

Today I thought we'd take a break from creating and talk about our Creative Goals for 2021. I am not one to make a 'New Years Resolution' but I do like to reflect on my year, and see what I need to maybe focus on.

This year for me has been a mad dash to completely redo my website from scratch with the help of my amazing daughter (that whole story is in my very first blogpost here) and scrambling to get everything up and running, essentially restarting my business.

I am learning how to film, how to photograph more effectively, learning all the new software that goes along with this, and of course I am learning how to put my classes online.

I had a huge class line up this spring, with plans for bigger and better classes this summer and on into the end of the year. I think 90% of them were cancelled, and at first I figured OK, I'll wait this out... Well, obviously that isn't happening!

Now I had done the research, and always planned on putting my classes online. So I started, and then realized that I was not going to have a very effective class in the way I was laying things out... namely photos and reading instructions. How boring! Now I am learning video set up, filming, editing, and all the other parts. It has been a very slow process for me to learn, along with everything else and all the set backs (my computer dying a slow death was the big one), but I am getting there. I even found a way to keep the online courses in house and on my own website.

All this to say... my own Creative Goals for 2021 will be the Online Courses.

The first course will be one called Creating Fabric Paper. I have mostly finished the filming for this, with only the Introduction where I have to actually show my face still needing to be done.

 So now it is your turn: What are your creative goals for 2021?

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