Tags - Shapes and Sizes

During this Blog Writing Challenge one of the things I'll be making is a variety of tags in various sizes, styles, and shapes, and using them for various projects. So, lets talk about tag sizes and shapes. In reality, you can make a tag out of any shape and size you want. Here are a few ideas.
The most often seen tag shape is a rectangle with the top corners cut at 45 degrees. This type of tag can be purchased at just about any store that sells paper products. While you can buy them, they are also super easy to make, and they don't even have to have perfectly positioned corner clips. Make it wonky and funky for a fun, shabby chic or Boho style tag!
Looking for something different? Try taking a basic rectangle and rounding corners or use a cutting machine to create fun shapes. Tags don't necessarily have to be a traditional 'tag' shape. I love to use different shapes depending on the season or theme.
A super easy tag shape is a basic circle. There are many die cut sets with a range of sizes included. Or, use a cutting machine to cut any size!

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