Lets make a tag - Mixed Media In Textiles Style!

Today I kick off the 31 days of Blog Posts - hopefully to become more. Most days wont be a hugely involved tutorial post, but today I thought I'd start off with something that we could work on together.
I've always loved tags, they make perfect inserts, hanging decorations, bookmarks, and as a much more personalized tag on a gift. 
To start I decided to create a tag using some of the basic mixed media techniques I use for my book making. I start with basic heavy-weight canvas and gesso.
Since I got too much gesso out I quickly grabbed two scrap pieces, why not make more than one at a time! I usually scrape on my gesso using some sort of straight edge - in this case I just used my pallet knife.
These dried overnight, and of course they were all curly the next day. 
Simply iron with a bit of steam from the back of the tag, let them cool completely while laying flat.
Viola! Nice flat canvas tags, ready to paint.
In case you were wondering, yes, I meant to not completely cover the whole tag. I have a plan, and I'm going with it!
Stay tuned, tomorrow I'll have more on this adventure!

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