A New Beginning - recreating my business from (almost) scratch!

What an adventure this has been!  

At the beginning of this year we had decided that my website needed updating, my social media needed work, and my whole look needed a complete re-do. After lots of research we figured out which platform to use for the new website, a social media scheduler, an online class platform, and so on and so forth.

Suddenly we are all on Stay At Home orders... well, this is the perfect time to work on all this right?! So we began... mapping out what we wanted, discussing the look, redesigning a logo, tossing ideas back and forth, looking at how others have their websites set up, how we would build a following. There are so many things to think of, but there was no hurry. I was developing new patterns and classes, creating how to videos, and learning how to build an online class. My old site was still there, so we could build things slowly and make sure it was all perfect before making the switch. Ha! Best laid plans right?

Then, out of left field, I discover that my current site is about to be disabled and disappear for good. WHAT?? Why? Well, I am not quite tech savvy enough to totally understand it all, but the gist of it is that it was some sort of update that my current site would no longer support, they could not make it work, and everything would be disabled and gone. SO... I had to rebuild. Up went an 'Under Construction' place holder page and we dove in with a Get It Done attitude. We had a LOT of work to do!

Nothing is ever just 'easy' it seems. If anyone ever says "Oh it's so easy! Just click bam boom and you are up and running!" Don't believe them.

Creating a website, even one on Shopify, who honestly has a HUGE helpful database on how-to and very helpful support staff, is a LOT OF WORK! Thank God I have a daughter who knows how to do all this or I would have been SUNK!

I was adding product, learning how to use my camera, learning how to create videos and editing, and so on. (Ignore the messy studio behind my camera set-up!)

Through it all though, we learned, we laughed, we worked our butts off, and even tho we could not visit together as family, we were able to video chat and develop plans and ideas. We grew even closer, my grandson didn't forget his Nana and Papa and we were able to continue to see him develop.

And guess what?! We have a website!



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