31 Day Blog Writing Challenge!

LCD Studios is participating in a '31 Day Blog Writing Challenge' that Muppin.com does every year! 

To kick things off I thought it would be fun to make something, then that something morphed into a lot of somethings haha! I reined myself in, narrowed in on what I want to bring you - and decided that focusing on my original ideas of Mixed Media In Textiles - a class series I started last year, would be a perfect way to start. To keep things simple, I'll be focusing on Tags. Because honestly they are a great way to create something small, useable in a huge variety of ways, and we use a lot of little tags this time of year, right?! 

Over the next month I'll be posting about these little gems and sharing how I went about making them, along with other fun tidbits, and such.

When a product I use is available in my store, I'll place a link for you to make it easy to find! 

~--Happy Holidays and Happy Stitching--~

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  • Hello Angela. I can really relate to an idea taking off on a life of its own. I look forward to seeing what you bring us.

    Debra Davis

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